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Hi there, I'm Minhaz fromRajshahi, Bangladesh. Thank you for visiting my website. Here are some information about me. Feel free to contact me if you need to (check the bottom of the page for contact information).

Experience — Seeking a position

I have been working as a freelance programmer since 2013. Upwork (aka oDesk) was the first place where I started working as a professional freelancer. Later I joined sites like Fiverr and Elance. As a programmer I worked on several projects. Most notable are -
  • Build cross-platform softwares using Qt framework
  • Work with OpenCV modules
  • Create and render OpenGL models
  • Linux and UNIX scripting
  • Server administration
You can look up at my work or appoint me for a job at Upwork or Fiverr or Elance.

Skills — C++ and Linux Fan

I have advanced working knowledge in the following areas.
  • C, C++, and Python
  • OpenCV, OpenGL, and Qt Framework
  • LEMP and LAMP Stack
  • Android Development
  • Linux Administration
  • RaspberryPi and Arduino

Projects — Open Source Enthusiast

I develop programs those meet my interest and then I push them to Github. Here are some projects I completed, worth mentioning. Browse all my projects at Github, Google Code, Launchpad, and Stackoverflow.

Education — Currently studying CSE at RUET, love MOOCs also

Personal — A little bit more about me

  • For most of the day, I sit before my computer, roaming the vast reaches of the cyber world and try to sail through to the lands of my interests
  • I read posts from Quora, Mashable, The Next Web, The Verge, Treehouse Blog, Wired, ZDNet, Smashing Magazine, Geekwire, TechReport and many others, everyday
  • I listen to Metallica, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, A Perfect Circle, Linkin Park, Coldplay, and Pink Floyd mostly
  • I use Kate and Qt Creator for almost all projects
  • I love Kubuntu, using it since 2012
  • I prefer terminal to GUI
  • I do system and native development for Linux and OS X
  • I use RamNode for VPS service
Though hardly getting time for TV shows or movies, I enjoy them as well. I write blogs on technical problems and solutions. You can have a look at them here - English blog and Bangla blog.

Contact — Drop me some words

You can reach me by mailing to contact AT minhazulhaque DOT com. Alternatively you can use any of the following social connections.